Secure watertight seal

The InnoSlide slide-out is equipped with a single-piece, co-extruded V-shaped advanced rubber seal that works in conjunction with its wide radial corners and flat side walls to create the most advanced passive seal system on the market.

The system also features four independent DC motors that equally distribute a strong seal at each corner. 


Safe and secure

The electronically controlled independent motors not only provide a smooth, synchronized, and safe transition. If an obstruction should occur, the system's safety override will automatically stop the room movement. 


Sleek Style

The radial corners and narrow exterior moulding match the other doors and fixtures on the outside of the vehicle to provide a cohesive style and flush, modern appearance. 


On-line fitting

The slide-out mechanism, framework, and seals are designed to be assembled with the room well before they are needed on the production line.

This means that the installation process on the production line is a simple process, created with quality and ease of use in mind. 

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About us

InnoSlide, part of the Driving Change group of companies, is a Dutch engineering company that specializes in designing and producing high-end slide-outs. 

InnoSlide introduced a new slide-out system that provides more living space for small-sized vehicles. The slide-out is 100% watertight, lightweight has a stylish design with radial corners, and closes flush against the wall of the caravan or van.

As the designer and manufacturer of the slide-out, we provide on-site support during tests/implementation and can customize the system. 

This level of innovation has led to a US patent and patent applications in Europe, Canada, Australia, and several Asian countries.

InnoSlide vision is a European designed slide-out with the following features:

1.Flush design



4.Reliable and safe

5. Aesthetically pleasing design

6.Competitively priced


How do we do this?

1.All profiles are crafted from lightweight endurable aluminium

2.The corners are rounded so that when the slide-out is retracted the whole unit is flush with the wall of the caravan/camper. Which is also appealing.

3.The rounded corners in combination with a high-performance seal mean that the system is also watertight.

4.The slide-out is operated by 4 computer-controlled motors – the computer continuously checks if the motors are in line and correct or stop the motors if obstructed.

5.This means that the slide-out comes out and retracts in a controlled, reliable, and safe manner.

6.It’s hard to make things simple – the slide-out is a simple design that is easy to install. The construction of the slide-out does not need extra reinforcement in the vehicle.

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